Ramp Up Your Personal Style

Have you left too few hours in the day to tend to your own personal style? Between work, family and civic commitments, it becomes increasingly difficult to carve time out to tend to your personal style. If you’re still sporting the same hair style and make up techniques you enjoyed in college, it might well be time to update your look. You don’t need the services of an expensive stylist or an unlimited budget to ramp up your personal style. Treat yourself to a few hours on a weekend to explore options that best suit your life style. It’s understandable to retreat to your tried and true favorites given the near constant blare from just about every major media outlet on style and fashion advice. Take a back to basics approach recommended by the professional stylists and you’ll soon be on your way to ramping up your personal style.

Save images from magazines and online postings of hair styles that are appealing to you. Make an appointment with your hairstylist and take the extra time during the consultation to explore different hair styles. Share the images you’ve saved with your stylist. They will be able to recommend styles that compliment your features, life style and hair type. Remind yourself that you’re simply choosing a new hair style – you’re not naming a baby. Head over to your local cosmetics counter and spend time with a professional cosmologist to explore new make-up products and application techniques. They’ll be able to help you accent your strongest features and update your look.

Finally, spend time going through your closet and drawers. Commit to sorting through items that need to be discarded, donated or consigned. If you have not worn a piece in over a year, it’s time to place it in one of these three piles. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the great styles available from Orvis to update your wardrobe. Select only pieces that you’re sure will pair well with items already in your wardrobe. Best of luck to you in ramping up your personal style!